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Sup I'm Xandria. Just some 16 year old teen that wants your attention \o7o\ n who dreams of becoming ur typical weeaboo mangaka-- or at least tht cool artist tht inspires you~ i will achieve that dream some day~ .......just not today. This is a multi-fanart sort of blog, so feel free to drop in some requests or comments or whatever
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You just wasted your time reading this
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Thank you for making the effort of looking at my blog. I hope you have a great day~ ...or night....or morning-- well depending obn what time you're up then eitherway i hope for you to have a great one!'

had to cover up the other scripts that weren’t involved with mine. need less to say I enjoy drawing Scribble Mode Karkat XDD 
i’m uploading this AFTER presenting this…needless to day me n my partner got no reaction from the audience…..though we managed to get the 2nd highest mark in the class~ XDD; 

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